Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rainbow Sandals Warranty

Rainbow Sandals are know as well crafted sandals that last forever!

Here is a copy of their warranty policy

* Rainbow's Warranty is for the Lifetime of the sole. As long as you haven't worn into the next layer of the sole from either the top or bottom*
Rainbow Sandals will repair your sandals if they are damaged or defective due to MANUFACTURING DEFECTS ONLY

Examples of manufacturing defects

1. - Strap Pulling Out
2. - Delamination of layers
3. - Stitching Coming Apart on Box -X Stitch
4. - Stitching Coming apart on Leather Strap

Do not take defective sandals to the store. Factory defects will be handled by Rainbow Sandals directly.

Rainbow Sandals will NOT Repair or Replace your sandals if they become defective as a result of any circumstances not involved in the manufacturing.

Examples of damage NOT covered under the warranty

1. - Bottom or Top Sole Wearing Through to Soft Colored Insert
2. - Motorcycle Kick-Pedal Gouges, etc.
3. - Skateboard Abuse
4. - Chewed Strap from Dog
5. - Ripped Rubber from Walking on Curbs Jagged Rocks and Coral
6. - Cuts, Slashes, Burns, etc.
7. - Torn Straps
8. - Excessive Abuse
9. - Cracked Rubber / Materials

NOTE: IF it is necessary to return a pair of non-guaranteed sandals which have been received at the factory, the customer will be required to pay for the return postage, which in most cases will be $7.00.

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